Top 10 Hotels in Lara Beach Antalya

The Mediterranean holiday places are among the most relaxing ones in the world. The Turkey Mediterranean side, which holds the coast of Turkey from Syria up to north, facing the Aegean Sea, isn’t an exception also. One of the most magical place of that stretch is Antalya, and some of its excellent beaches are located in the luxurious area of Lara. Lara has been called as “Las Vegas of Turkey” due to the large number of luxury hotels and resorts in the region. Here is our guide for the 10 best luxury Hotels Lara Beach Antalya;

Best Hotels Lara Beach Antalya

Concorde Deluxe Resort Lara Antalya

Concorde Deluxe Resort Hotels Lara Beach Antalya

It is built in the form of a Concorde plane. What more could you ask for? The Concorde Deluxe Resort is an excellent choice for a varied holiday ranging from the most relaxing to the fun and active. With three pools, seven restaurants, several bars and an extensive list of activities for the whole family, it is almost impossible not to enjoy the variety during your stay. The hotel is located on the beach of Lara and offers beautiful views. As rated one of the best Hotels Lara Beach Antalya in TripAdvisor in 2012, you can be sure to subscribe to something magical.

Hotel Baia Lara Antalya

Hotel Baia Hotels Lara Beach Antalya

This ultramodern hotel gets important points for its elegant design and elegant interiors as well as for its excellent sea views. Hotel Baia Lara is ideally located on its own private beach but only one kilometer from the central shops of Lara. It has four pools, one of which has water slides, and has a steam room that is to die for. Whether you are traveling as a couple or as a family, you will find a warm welcome and more than enough services to make you happy. This is another “the best of all” of Hotels Lara Beach Antalya in the 2012 TripAdvisor list.

Titanic Deluxe Beach Resort Lara Antalya

Titanic Deluxe Beach Resort Hotels Lara Beach Antalya

Think about how big the Titanic was before it descended and you get an idea of the luxury of the Titanic Deluxe Beach Resort. With sumptuous rooms, a full steam room, beauty treatments and massages, this is a place to experience total comfort. It has its own bowling alley and cinema, a shopping center and the usual wide range of eating and drinking options. There are also particularly good programs for children. Titanic has one of the best private beaches in the area. This is hard to beat. It can be one of the best organized Hotels Lara Beach Antalya.

Delphin Diva Lara Antalya

Delphin Diva Hotels Lara Beach Antalya

However, another TripAdvisor selection for “the best of 2012”, Delphin Diva is known for its wide range of fun activities for children and active adults. Whether you want to play tennis or learn yoga, you will find your place here along a stretch of beautiful beaches, not far away from Lara district center. The architecture and style of the rooms are impressive too, making it an excellent option for everyone. For those who want more action and fun, there is a bus station with service to Antalya and more than just five hundred meters from entrance gate of the complex. It is one of the closest Hotels Lara Beach Antalya to the city centre.

WOW Kremlin Palace Lara Antalya

WOW Kremlin Palace Hotels Lara Beach Antalya

The images make this place better than words. If it was not yet clear, the WOW Kremlin Palace was built to recreate a small portion of real estate in Russia. However, its unique design is not the only attraction. For couples and families who want to try diving, this the excellent place to try safe and exciting trips are often offered. There are also billiards, bowling, steam room and the usual variety of pools and restaurants that will surely keep you busy. The Kremlin towers are illuminating at night, making it a fun and attractive option. It is a really wow of best Hotels Lara Beach Antalya.

Hotel Royal Wings Lara Antalya

Hotel Royal Wings Hotels Lara Beach Antalya

With a focus on water sports and activities, the Royal Wings Hotel is a perfect choice for couples and active families. Between the comfortable “lazy river” float and the fearful Phantom slide, the variety of other slides, you will surely enjoy yourself in one form or another. The complex overlooks the great view of sea and sand. It is one of the best of Hotels Lara Beach Antalya.

Delphin Imperial Lara Antalya

Delphin Imperial Hotels Lara Beach Antalya

This new hotel, opened in June 2012, creates a new standard of luxury. The Imperial Delphin has perhaps the widest range of offers on this article, creating the absolute luxury in full-service accommodation. Start with the complete water park, with slides for children’s. Switch to motorized water sports, diving, tennis, bowling, bowling, billiards, a large spa and disco. Also there are 8 restaurants and 9 bars with food and drinks from all over the world. This complex also does a great job of including families and at the same time offers to the people trying to escape from the children a lot of private space and areas for adults only. Highly recommended through the best of Hotels Lara Beach Antalya.

Royal Holiday Palace Lara Antalya

Royal Holiday Palace Hotels Lara Beach Antalya

A connected property of the Royal Wings hotel, the Royal Holiday Palace, does a great job to make you feel just this: the royals. The attentive staff, the sumptuous accommodations, the multitude of dining options and the position overlooking the beautiful Lara Beach will ensure that your holidays are longer or that you return once more. Play tennis, go bowling and simply rest in the huge, irregularly shaped pool that seems as endless. It is one of the best of Hotels Lara Beach Antalya.

IC Hotel Green Palace Lara Antalya

IC Hotel Green Palace Lara Antalya

Sometimes you find a hidden and happy place that does not receive all the necessary importance. The IC Hotel Green Palace has one of the most excellent and cleanest spas in the area and the treatments here will leave you completely satisfied. The complex has a Balinese style. This is the excellent place to relax and recover from the stress of life. Surely take a look.

There is a lot of options to prefer in Lara, you may need to come back for a 2th, 3rd or 4th visit. There is nothing wrong with this! You have found one of the most beautiful vacation spots in the whole of the Turkey and you earned to enjoy it.

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