Kleopatra Beach Alanya – Queen Cleopatra’s Favorite Beach

Kleopatra Beach Alanya – Best Beaches in Antalya

Antalya city hosts the most beautiful beaches of Mediterranean Sea and Kleopatra Beach is a wonderful beach which is located in Alanya District of Antalya. Kleopatra beach starts from the western side of Alanya historical peninsula and it has 2 km of lengths. Damlatas Beach and Kleopatra beach is the same beach and sometimes these two names confused by tourists. Damlatas name is generally the name which is used for Kleopatra beach by local people. Kleopatra Beach is visited by hundred thousand of tourist every year especially during the summer season and it is a major touristic beach in Alanya. We have reviewed Kleopatra Beach in detail for you at our blog;

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Kleopatra Beach Alanya Antalya Overview

As you can guess, Kleopatra Beach takes its name from the famous Egypt Queen Cleopatra who lives between B.C. 69 and B.C. 30. According to legend, the famous Roman General Antonius gifted the Alanya District and its surroundings to his lover Queen Cleopatra. Everyday Cleopatra comes this beach to take a bath and to swim from her castle. It is even said that there is a hidden tunnel between her castle and this beach for her easy access to beach. Also Queen Cleopatra comes here to swim in this beach whenever she took of for expedition at Mediterranean Sea.

Kleopatra Beach Alanya Antalya Queen Cleopatra Bath

The Kleopatra beach is the most preferred beach to visit by the tourist who choose Alanya Region for summer holiday. Of course there is justifiable reasons of this popularity. The beach is really close to Alanya town center and you can reach the beach by walking from Alanya. It has golden yellow sand and even the clearest sea water which you can see during your life.

Kleopatra Beach Alanya Antalya Overview

Where is Kleopatra Beach?

Kleopatra Beach is located at the town center of Alanya and stretches two kilometer along the western coast of Historical peninsula around Alanya Castle and ends with Damlatas Cave. As we mention before, Damlatas name is generally used by local people due to beach is near the famous Damlatas Cave. Damlatas cave and Kleopatra Beach can be visited in the same day easily and it is an advantage for people who visit this area.

Kleopatra Beach Alanya Antalya Location

How to go to Kleopatra Beach?

Nearest Airport to Kleopatra beach is Antalya Airport. The distance between beach and Antalya Airport is approximately 125 km. If you arrive to Antalya airport you can use airlines free shuttles to reach Alanya town center. In addition, municipality buses are departing regularly from Antalya City Bus Station to Alanya. If you come to beach with your vehicle you don’t need to worry about parking space, you will find suitable park spaces around beach 24 hours. You should just need to pay 5 TL for all day parking.

The beach which is stretching along the historical peninsula is within the walking distance to many points of Alanya town. It also is very easy to reach by public transport from town center. If you are staying in Alanya town center then you are 4 km away from Kleopatra Beach.

Kleopatra Beach Near Alanya Center Alanya

How is the Sea and Sand at Kleopatra Beach?

Kleopatra Beach has almost two kilometers long and 40 meters width coast with golden color fine sand also this fine sand continues inside the sea. This beach is not famous with only its beautiful golden sand, it has also a very clear sea and charming coast. We advise you to bring your sea glasses here to watch the fishes and underwater world in the sea.  It has been awarded by Blue Flag with its clean sea and sand. The sea water is really warm amongst the similar beaches around Alanya. The sea is really shallow and you can swim safely up to 8 to 10 meter away from the coast. It can be appropriate beach for people who don’t knows swim very well and families with young children.

Kleopatra Beach Alanya Antalya Fine Sand

But unfortunately not all the parts of the beach is similar. The parts of the beach which are close to old castle deepens suddenly and there are some rocky areas inside the water. You should be careful and take care of your kids at this part of the beach. If you have small kids we advise you to go to the opposite side of the beach, you should also realize that part of beach will be more crowded than castle side.

Kleopatra Beach Alanya Antalya Fine Sand

Second bad point is, in most days, sea will be wavy and there will be streams which can pull you inside the water. Sometimes waves can be as big as 2 meters and can be strong as to pull a person completely inside the water but if you swim well you can have fun with the waves. When you reach the beach just look for wind, if there is wind there will be big waves but if there is none you can smile because you can be sure that day you will swim in the best aquarium of the world.

Kleopatra Beach Alanya Antalya Waves_

When to go to Kleopatra Beach?

You maybe not find a place at Kleopatra beach to lay your towel at summer. It is really crowded due to the fame between domestic and foreign tourists. Even in winter a lot of people come here to swim from different part of the world. The weather conditions and water temperature will be suitable from the beginning of May to end of November to swim in this beach. If you are planning a late summer holiday at October or November you can be comfortable because Kleopatra Beach will not surprise you. In October weather temperatures will be around 25 degrees in here. October time will be more suitable than end of August or the beginning of September. You can mostly run across with elderly German tourist at October or November time who cannot stand the hot weather temperatures of the summer season.

Kleopatra Beach Alanya Antalya Crowded

Actually October time will be more suitable than end of August or the beginning of September. Every year on these times there is strong winds occurs at the beach and this leads to big waves. Unfortunately early summer holiday like April time is not very convenient at this beach due to rainy weather.

After getting exhausted and tired all day, the best way to rest is to watch the spectacular sun from the Kleopatra Beach. For this reason, you can find hundreds of people at Kleopatra Beach during sunrise sunset times.

Kleopatra Beach Alanya Antalya Sunset

How much is the entrance fee of Kleopatra Beach?

The beach is open to the public and the entrances are completely free. There are also dressing cabins, showers and toilets along the beach which you can use free of charge. You can also rent sunbeds and parasol from the facilities through the beach. Of course you do not have to get these services. If you would like to bring your own umbrella, there is no problem.

Kleopatra Beach Alanya Antalya Public Beach

Fortunately there is lots of private beach clubs located side by side at this beach. You can rent one parasol and two sunbed in price of totally 40 TL as of year 2018. If you stay any of the hotel at Alanya, most of the hotels have agreement with one of the private beach club at the Kleopatra Beach. You can use sunbeds and parasol free of charge on your hotels agreed beach club.

Kleopatra Beach Alanya Antalya Private Beach Club

What to Drink and Eat at Kleopatra Beach?

The buffets are lined up every 50 meters of along the beach. Fast food-style foods and drinks are sold in these buffets, but you should be careful that these buffest don’t accept payment with credit card. You should change your money in the town center of Alanya. There are big and cheap markets on the way beach to the center. You can eat what you get from these markets at the beach. It is also possible to eat something in the café and restaurants in the bay according to your preferences.

Kleopatra Beach Alanya Antalya Drink Cocktail

You can also eat and drink at private beach clubs restaurant and cafes but it will be costly to eat and drink all day at the club. You can review the website of Havana Beach Club Alanya and Green Beach Club for the menus of drinks and foods.

What to Do Around Kleopatra Beach?

As we mention at beginning of our blog Damlatas Cave, Alanya Castle and Alanya Museum is really close to the beach you can visit these places easily. You can also participate in activities like boat tours, parachute, Jet Ski, sea bike along the coast. These water sports are out of the swimming area.

Damlatas Cave Alanya Antalya

If like to walk afternoon or exercise at morning you can use the walking path which stretch along Kleopatra Beach.

Where to Stay near Kleopatra Beach?

We all know that Alanya is a heavily touristic place and there are many accommodation facilities at the surroundings. There is every kind of accommodation option is available around the beach. You can search for below nearest hotels at Google.

Palmiye Beach Club Hotel: Average Room Price 170 TL for 2018

Riviera Hotel: Average Room Price 320 TL for 2018

Şavk Hotel: Average Room Price 330 TL for 2018

You will feel yourself feel like kings and queens on Kleopatra Beach. If you prefer this beautiful beach for your summer holiday you will definitely not regret it. We advise you to visit here at May or October for a clam and relaxing holiday.

You can watch the Kleopatra Beach live by clicking the link or watch the YouTube video at below for a closer look to Kleopatra Beach.

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