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Lara Beach – Turkey’s Longest Sandy Beach

The most popular city of summer season in Turkey is Antalya, this city known as the tourism heaven of Turkey. Antalya is a Mediterranean city and every point of the city is suitable for summer holidays but Lara Beach is the most popular place among these in Antalya.

Lara Beach Overwiev

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Lara beach, has the title of Turkey’s longest sandy beach with its 12 kilometers long coast. The word of Lara means sand in the language which is used by Hittites. Lara beach got its name from this word. Lara beach surely known for its wide beaches with fine sand because of this it is also called Altinkum beach (Gold sand Beach).

Lara Beach Calm Sea

Apart from its stunning sandy beaches, Lara Beach is frequently preferred by tourists due to vast accommodation options and entertainment venues. Turkey’s biggest and most luxurious all-inclusive hotels are situated near Lara beach.

You can enjoy the sea, sand and sun all day without being disturbed on the beach of Lara. You can also go for long walks along the coastal path between the pine trees, enjoy the scenery and relief your stress.

Lara Beach Long Sandy Beach

It is always sunny and the air temperature is about 30 degrees during all year. You can swim in here 7 days a week and 12 months in a year. It is very rare that the beach and its surroundings are raining, including the winter season.

Where is Lara Beach?

Lara Beach is located in the Lara district of Antalya city. It is 12 km away from Antalya city center, 21 km away from the bus station, 23 km away from Konyaalti Beach. Lara beach is also located on the west of Karpuzkaldıran Beach and the east of Kumkoy beach.

Lara Beach Location

How to go to Lara Beach?

Lara beach is located really close to the city center of Antalya and you can reach there very easily by using public transport or your private car.

Lara District is just 15 km away from the Antalya airport and you can reach Lara beach by getting on the bus with the number 800 from Antalya Airport and getting off at Lara. Also you can reach the district of Lara by using the minibuses departing from the bus garage of Antalya. You have to use Muratpasa minibuses to go Lara beach from Antalya city center. When you arrive the center of Lara district you just should walk 5 minutes to go to Lara Beach

Lara Beach Near Airport

If you want to go with your private car, you can reach the beach of Lara by following the old Lara road, during your journey you can enjoy the view of the spectacular coastline.

You can use minibuses and buses to go to different parts of Antalya from Lara Beach. As the minibus trip will be shorter than the bus, you may be think that you will save time, but we advise you to prefer air-conditioned buses especially in the hot season between July and August. There will no bus or minibus trip after 12 pm at night after this time you can go anywhere with the taxi. You can find taxis everywhere around Lara beach. You can use website for calculating the average cost of taxi in Antalya.

Lara Beach Buses

How is the Sea and Sand at Lara Beach?

Lara Beach has been awarded with Blue Flag with its clean sea water and sand. Local and foreign tourists is admiring this beach with its unique sand beach. The beach is a very nice beach with spectacular length of clean sand and clear water. If your preference is sand with a warm water, Lara beach is a perfect choice for you. But unfortunately every beauty has a bad side, there is some algae available in the Lara Sea. . If you do not like algae, it will not be a very convenient beach for you.

Lara Beach Long Beach

The Lara beach is formed of fine sand ranging from 0.5 to 0,125 millimeters in diameter and you certainly cannot see any pebbles along the beach. The beach is a frequent destination for people with rheumatic diseases in the summer months thanks to this fine sand. We can say that Lara beach is much shallower compared to Konyaaltı beach. This is why it is a beach that should be preferred by those who do not know swimming very well and families with children. The sea water temperature at Lara beach is sensibly higher than the Konyaalti beach.

Lara Beach Fine Sand

When to go to Lara Beach?

We recommend you to go to Lara beach on morning times at busy summer months. The best time to go to Lara beach is until 11 am. In the morning there is a refreshing effect of the water due to the temperature of the sea water is a bit colder. You do not even feel that you are going into the sea because of the overheated sea water after lunch. In addition, after lunch, the wind blowing from the sea causes the wave. The wave can cause a dirty appearance by mixing sand in the sea.

In summer months the weather temperature can be higher than 40 degrees in Antalya center. At these times Lara beach will be overly crowded especially on weekends because of local people. You may be uncomfortable by the local people who fires a barbecue and have a picnic near the beach. On weekdays the beach will be more calm and clean. Of course, you will still observe a crowded beach during the weekdays at the summer season. If you want to come to Lara beach in a calm and cooler environment, you can choose May in the spring and September or October in the autumn. In the winter months, you can enjoy the view of storm and the rain on the beach.

Lara Beach Waves

How much is the entrance fee of Lara Beach?

Basically you should not pay any entrance fee for Lara beach, it is a public beach but there are lots of private beach clubs where you can rent sunbeds and parasols. If you rent sunbed and parasol from beach clubs, you can also use shower, toilet, changing cabin facilities free of charge. You can rent two loungers and an umbrella for an average of 30 TL.

Lara Beach Private Beach Club

Especially we should mention that there is no facilities like shower, toilet on the free part of the beach, you can only find sand and the sea. You can go to beach by taking your towel and your own umbrella and settle them on the spot where you want along the beach. But as we said before, on the free part of the beach there will be a heavy barbecue smoke and trash because of the local people who makes picnic. This is why we recommend you to prefer the private beach clubs around the Lara Beach.

Lara Beach Public Side

What to Drink and Eat at Lara Beach?

Lara Beach welcomes thousands of tourists every year, you can find many restaurants and cafes in the Lara district. But you should need to get a little bit away from the beach to reach these restaurants. If you prefer the free part of the beach area, you can shop from nearby markets and eat on the beach or you can have a picnic with the barbecue on the grass area just behind the beach like the locals.

Lara Beach Free Side

If you prefer private beach clubs, there is a restaurant section almost all of them. In these restaurants you can eat delicious food and drink beverages. Private beaches are not allowed you to bring your own food from outside. It can be expensive to eat and drink all day from the beach club restaurant. This is why we recommend that you check the menus and prices of the restaurant before entering the club. On these beach clubs, you should pay an average of 15 TL for beer, 7 TL for coke and 20 TL for sandwiches. For example, you can review the following picture for 2018 food and beverage menu of Zuga Beach Club.

Lara Beach Zuga beach club menu
Lara Beach Zuga beach club menu

What to Do Around Lara Beach?

You are allowed to settle a tent and camp at this beach. If you like to camp near sea and swim whenever you want during your summer holiday, Lara Beach will be ideal for you. You can walk to the nearby Duden Waterfall and enjoy the unique view or you can walk to the cliff side of Lara Beach for a walk and get in to the sea. We recommend you to enjoy the view from the park above the cliffs, and then eat the delicious fish meal at the fish restaurants around the area. You can also make exercise in the morning time or watch the romantic sunset at evening on the walking path which stretches along the Lara beach.

Lara Beach Cliff Area View

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Where to Stay near Lara Beach?

Both domestic and foreign tourists have shown great interest to Lara District throughout the year, it is easy to find accommodation for every budget and taste. There are many facilities close to the beach, from affordable pensions to luxurious holiday villages that offer all-inclusive concept. In the recent years people started make an analogy of Turkey’s Las Vegas to Lara district recently. This analogy is due to the fact that there are many ultra-luxurious 7-star hotels opened in the last 5 years. But since the Lara region is very popular all year, you may be not find any room in the last minute, we advise you to book somewhere beforehand. You can also set up your tent and spend your vacation in designated areas along the beach for a free holiday.

Lara Beach Luxury Hotel

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Natural and historical beauties present at every corner of Lara Beach. The most important feature of Lara is it has Turkey’s longest and beautiful sandy beaches. Lara word means water fairy at old times. Beautiful Lara Beach promises you to spend a holiday which is filled with sea, sand and sun trio. Lara also offers lot of attractions to do for those who want to spend their holiday around this beach. This magnificent geography, which is sunny and warm for most of the year, is a unique holiday destination, filled with history and natural beauties. Watch the below YouTube video at below for a closer look to Lara Beach.

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